What Is A Tantra School?

Tantra School is an ideal spiritual university dedicated solely to the true tantric philosophies. It was founded in 1969 by B. K. Shastra and has gone through continuous evolution ever since. The basic aim of Tantra is to unify man with God by means of his spiritual evolution in love. People who wish to explore the path of Tantra must undergo rigorous training under a master, so that he can teach them in the right and pure light of ancient wisdom. Visit here – embodiedawakeningacademy.com

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Tantra is an organic body of beliefs which includes worship of the divine, ethical codes followed by humanity, and study of the secrets of this cosmic energy that permeates all things. The internal worship of the sacred Mother Goddess is considered paramount in Tantra, as she provides all possible responses to life’s problems through her magical powers. This is opposed to materialistic concepts followed by contemporary man. The internal worship of Mother Nature is considered a Tantra practice since it purifies the mind, body, and emotions in order to offer unlimited benefits. Therefore Tantra school advocates the use of external practices in conjunction with internal ones for the best results.

Tantra school believes that true enlightenment is impossible without self-knowledge; therefore it teaches its pupils to be continuously self-aware by means of meditation, contemplation, imagination, and intuition to attain self-knowledge. A person becomes a fully-fledged practitioner of Tantra when he is able to make a complete analysis of himself and reach a state of self-observation. External practices are introduced to facilitate this spiritual evolution at a slower phase. These include exercises such as breathing exercises, self-inquiry, chanting, and meditation to name a few.

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