Things To Do In Havaianas

Havianas | is an island resort located in the northwestern part of the Ionian Archipelago, it is often referred to as the Canary Islands. Havaianas is a family-run hotel with suites and villas all offering outstanding levels of luxury accommodation. The luxury hotels on the island boast many amenities such as heated swimming pools and saunas as well as cable TV, coffee making facilities, Wi-Fi internet access and many more. Some of the villas are even furnished with private pools and hot tubs.

The Quickest & Easiest Way To Havaianas Uk

For those looking for a family haven there is the option of staying at one of the Havaianas UK luxury resorts such as the Wild Wench Resort or the Dolphin Hotel, both onsite at Havaianas. The Dolphin Hotel boasts three swimming pools, a gym and sauna facilities and a Jacuzzi bath. The Wild Wench Resort offers guests two swimming pools, a gym and an outdoor pool bar, it has Wi-Fi internet access, cable TV and Jacuzzi baths. Both offer superb luxury amenities at affordable prices.

Havaianas is a small island but has lots to offer visitors due to its beautiful scenery and the island’s friendly people. It is not possible to visit Havaianas in the winter months as temperatures are too high but in the summer months the island can be visited all year round as the weather is suitable for holidaymakers. Most visitors to Havaianas UK stay in the months of June, July and August when temperatures are nice and stable, and in September visitors are still able to visit but with fewer people booking rooms due to high season. October and November see a rise in visitors to the island as Christmas draws nearer so if you are thinking about booking accommodation during this time, ensure that you can get your booking in time as demand for hotels in Havaianas tends to be high at this time of year. Once the season changes in the winter months, which normally brings better weather, Havaianas becomes a popular destination for visitors looking to escape their cold northern winters.

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