With the advent of high-definition (HD) streaming video on the web, marketers are no longer restricted to the standard definition of “Go Live.” Now, any webinar participant can experience an engaging live webinar like never before. The best of today’s streaming video technologies allow a webinar attendee to experience a true streaming video experience: the speaker may speak, the audience answers, the projector stream video onto a screen, and the participants that while the talk goes on. Products such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Periscope allow even larger event audiences to grow exponentially through web marketing by allowing for live video streaming. By adding instant feedback features, and by enabling in-person participants to connect with distant attendees just as much as those attending in-person, they allow for an entirely new means of in-person communication within the fast-growing world of Web conferencing.

How Can I Live Stream – Use Camtasia Or Your Computer to Capture Me As I Live Stream

For example, YouTube allows viewers to cast their votes in real time, offering up a way to poll whether or not a particular video has lived up to viewer expectations. On Facebook, viewers can “like” videos, which then generate real time comments from those who enjoy the content the most. And on Periscope, viewers can cast their votes to increase the likelihood that a live broadcast will reach their target audience. Viewers can also use these platforms to request specific services or programs, and use the feedback from their fellow viewers to create improved versions of the service or program request. Viewers can also subscribe to a feed of RSS feeds that will automatically deliver new content from selected streaming video live publishers to their RSS reader.

While the above examples may illustrate only the basic capabilities of the new medium, it is safe to say that new ways to reach out to your audience are opening up new possibilities for the future of on-demand and live-streaming video viewing. It’s important for companies to realize how the medium is changing and how it is likely to continue to evolve as more users embrace new technologies and new platforms to help them get where they want to go. The best companies are going to be the ones that are able to use these platforms in a manner that allows them to create meaningful connections with their audience while also increasing the value of their products and service. By taking advantage of all of the tools available to today’s producers, businesses stand to maximize their earning potential while improving the quality of their company.

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