There are many options available to you when it comes to choosing a Medicare supplement plan. The most popular Medicare supplement plan is Medicare Supplement Plan N, which covers the majority of the original coverage provided by Medicare. Medicare Supplement Plan N only covers 100 percent of the original Medicare Parts A and B coinsurance rates, with two exceptions. Find Out –

Medicare Advantage Plans and certain Medigap Plans.

The primary advantage of selecting a Medicare supplement plan that covers the majority of the coverage provided by Medicare is that you’ll have all the coverage you need to stay healthy, while keeping your premium under control. With a traditional Medicare policy, you are required to pay the full Medicare part A deductible on the first year you receive coverage, regardless of how much insurance you choose. This can be very costly. In addition, there is typically a Medicare part B deductible, which must be met before coverage can begin. These two additional fees to make the Medicare supplement plan or option less desirable than the original plan.

A second advantage to choosing a Medicare supplement plan that covers most of the original coverage is that it usually allows you to choose the kind of provider from a wide selection of companies. Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Medigap Plans often cover skilled nursing facility care, in-home maintenance and other services unique to nursing home patients, and allow you to select from among a select group of physicians. Some plans also cover emergency medical services in a nursing home or other health care facility, at a cost that may be even lower than the typical Medicare costs for in-home care. If you travel regularly or meet with a patient on a frequent basis who requires specialized or sensitive medical care, you may want to consider selecting a Medicare Supplement Plan N that covers the entire range of benefits that Medicare provides.

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