Sherwani or Sewa is a long-sleeved garment usually worn in the South Asia. It resembles a western frock shirt or a Polish and Lithuanian polkas. Sherwani comes in two styles, one for men and one for women. It’s mostly worn with matching leggings and is mostly worn by Punjabis and Indians. However, within the past decade it has become a common attire among women and teenagers in countries like Britain, Canada, USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.


Sherwani comes in two styles, one for men and the other for women. For men, Sherwani Kurta is generally used as a dress, while Sherwani Kurta for women is generally used as a night wear or to attend parties or semi-formal events. In addition to that, Sherwani can also be used as a costume or a pajama or even a wrap. Generally, sherwani comes in two styles, one for men and another for women.


Pakistani people generally wear a sherwani or kurta on a daily basis and it is considered to be a customary garment in Pakistan. It’s a compulsory outfit for all the girls in Pakistan and the government makes it compulsory for them to have one. The material used for manufacturing sherwani or kurtas are cotton and it comes in different shades. Cotton is considered to be the best fabric to make these clothes as it is elastic and can absorb light well. Moreover, the clothes made from cotton fabrics are famous all over the world and are considered to be comfortable and trendy.

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