Brunch Cafe started in 1941 and is one of the oldest dining establishments in the Tampa area. It is owned and operated by Mark P. Thomas and his wife, Karen. Breakfast is the main attraction at Brunch Cafe since it offers delicious homemade pastries, continental waffles, fruit toppings, and French toast with maple syrup. Brunch Cafe also offers various specialty food items such as vegetarian food, kid-friendly food, and gluten-free food choices.

brunch cafe

Quick And Easy Fix For Your The Best Brunch Cafe In Tampa

Brunch Cafe’s menu is wide and has everything that you would expect from a breakfast establishment, includingaffles, pancakes, hash browns, French toast, and granola bars. Menu items include specialty coffee drinks such as iced coffee, iced teas, cappuccino, mocha coffee, decaf teas, and flavored teas. The breakfast menu also includes seasonal favorites such as pumpkin cake, fresh fruit toppings, eggs benedis, and sausage and pepper omelet. For lunch and dinner guests are offered a variety of fresh salads, pasta dishes, specialty coffee drinks, finger food, kid-friendly meals, finger foods, vegetarian dishes, vegetarian soups, Thai foods, and more.

Brunch Cafe’s goal is to provide a fun experience for their customers while providing them with delicious food and specialty coffee drinks. Guests can even purchase small refrigerator-styled jars of organic tea from the Brunch Cafe menu to take home with them. The organic tea comes in tea packets and tea bags. The organic tea is provided as a special promotional item with every order of the brunch menu. Many of the dishes on the brunch menu are based on some of the restaurant’s most popular guest favorites like cinnamon rolls and country muffin.

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